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Community Foundation for Western Iowa customizes its services to provide donors with a personalized philanthropy plan. Information and recommendations are tailored to donors’ interests and preferences. Donors may establish several different types of funds with the Community Foundation, and funds may become active during their lifetime or upon their passing. The type of fund established is determined based on the goals of the tailored philanthropy plan.

To schedule an appointment with a team member of the Community Foundation to discuss a personalized philanthropy plan, please contact Kelly Dix at or 712.256.7007.


Field of Interest Funds allow donors to target gifts that address a specific area of community life. The arts, at-risk youth, education and the environment are just a few examples. Donors can identify their personal interest area when making contributions and the fund steering committee and community foundation board will award grants to community organizations and programs that are making a difference in the selected area of interest. Field of Interest Funds ensure that gifts remain flexible enough to meet community needs in the interest area, even as they change over time.

The Community Foundation for Western Iowa currently has six Field of Interest Funds: The Women's Fund of Southwest Iowa; The Southwest Iowa Mental Health and Substance Abuse Fund; and the Pottawattamie County Disaster Long-Term Recovery and Unmet Needs Fund (Southwest Iowa COVID-19 Response Fund) - a partnership between the Community Foundation and Iowa West Foundation; Rassekh Education Fund; Rassekh Health & Human Services Fund; and Tauke Outdoor Recreation Fund.

pottawattamie county disaster long-term recovery and unmet needs fund
Rassekh Education Fund
Rassekh Health & Human Services Fund
Tauke Outdoor Recreation Fund

For questions, or to establish a Field of Interest Fund at Community Foundation for Western Iowa,
contact us at  712.257.7007 or