Community Foundation for Western Iowa is partnering with SHARE Omaha to power SHARE Iowa, an Iowa-local and regional philanthropic web platform to yield good in our communities. A big thank you to the Charles E. Lakin Foundation, Iowa West Foundation, Google and the Iowa Council of Foundations for their support of this strategic initiative of the Community Foundation. 

 SHARE Iowa will offer a hyper-local response to directly benefit Iowans, parallel to that of, through financial giving, in-kind donations and volunteerism within their unique communities and neighborhoods. Additionally, SHARE Iowa and SHARE Omaha will work closely together on larger, community-wide giving campaigns, like GivingTuesday, to make a bigger difference and maintain the connection that western Iowa has as an important part of the greater metropolitan area.

If you are an existing nonprofit that resides in and provides services in Iowa on, your information will be on BOTH websites after the launch of SHARE Iowa's website later this summer. You will NOT have to enter your nonprofit’s information twice or duplicate profiles. SHARE Iowa expands the Iowa footprint for increased engagement and nonprofit capacity-building, serving nine counties in western Iowa: Cass, Fremont, Harrison, Mills, Monona, Montgomery, Page, Pottawattamie, and Shelby.

In preparation of the launch of SHARE Iowa and to support the larger footprint, we are excited to announce Catrina Trabal, the new Community Partnerships Manager at the Community Foundation for Western Iowa. In her role, Catrina will work with nonprofits and the community to amplify a culture of giving in western Iowa. Expect more information soon on SHARE Iowa happening in July and August.

Both SHARE Omaha and SHARE Iowa are thrilled about this opportunity to provide hyper-local impact for even more nonprofits. Thank you for being a part of this movement! Please reach out to Catrina with any questions.

SHARE Iowa is supported by the Community Foundation for Western Iowa and other Iowa funders, including:
the Charles E. Lakin Foundation, Google, and Iowa Council on Foundations.

A special thank you to the Iowa West Foundation for supporting the SHARE Good platform development.