Nonprofit organizations can partner with Community Foundation for Western Iowa by establishing an Agency Fund. This is a simple and efficient way to build an endowment and help create sustainability for nonprofit organizations, while providing dollars to meet agency needs. We can assist with investment management and administrative details.     

Agency Funds benefit by being a part of the Community Foundation's investment pool:

The Community Foundation for Western Iowa will handle all the administrative aspects of your Agency Endowment Fund:

The Community Foundation for Western Iowa values our nonprofit partner relationships and provides additional services and supportive expertise in several different areas:

what nonprofits are saying About their agency funds.


Our endowment fund has been a substantial benefit to our organization. In addition to being a financial reserve, its dividend growth has had a positive impact. Additionally, we anticipate an even greater public confidence in Trivium Life Services, formerly Crossroads of Western Iowa, and its longevity as a result of this fund.

 - Brent Dillinger, CEO

Trivium Life Services created an agency fund with the Community Foundation to ensure long-term sustainability and to address the potential reality of decreased funding for the individuals they serve.

Trivium is leading a new philanthropic program focused on the sustainable delivery of services to clients far into the future, and the endowment with the Community Foundation is central to the program, allowing Trivium to responsibly prepare for the future.

Dillinger has found that the endowment is a benefit for donors, and they are responsive to the fund matching programs offered by the Community Foundation for Western Iowa. Dillinger is able to visit with prospective donors about the endowment capabilities, the benefits and the financial gains that go on in perpetuity.


“It is a clear symbol that our institution has long-term plans, objectives and intentions. An endowment fund at Community Foundation for Western Iowa is also attractive to potential donors because they can see their gift grow over the long term.”

- The Historic General Dodge House

The Historic General Dodge House created a fund in 2020 to support critical emergencies and capital construction that would be life-changing for the organization.

The Dodge House endowment with the Community Foundation is attractive to donors because it is a long term declaration. The organization wants to have a way for donors to give to a fund that will mature and grow while creating a better opportunity to provide tax advantages for supporters. Donors amplify their impact with matching dollars for the Dodge House, courtesy of the Community Foundation's 10% charitable giving incentive program for endowed funds.

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