Iowa West Foundation to Match
Southwest Iowa Emergency Relief Fund Donations up to $50,000

Photo: Starlyn Perdue

May 3, 2024

The Community Foundation for Western Iowa is pleased to announce that the Iowa West Foundation has generously committed a 1-to-1 match of $50,000 for donations made to the Southwest Iowa Emergency Relief Fund. The fund at the Community Foundation for Western Iowa is a philanthropic response to the increasing needs throughout Pottawattamie County due to the catastrophic tornadoes that tore through the region on April 26. Iowa West matching funds will provide relief to individuals impacted in Pottawattamie County.

In Pottawattamie County, officials estimate approximately 300 residential homes and businesses were either partially damaged or fully destroyed. In Minden specifically, officials currently assess 48 homes as destroyed, displacing resident occupancy. The outpouring of support in response to the devastation that occurred in our communities is incredible, and the Community Foundation is proud to be a funding source to help provide assistance for our friends, family and neighbors who have been affected.

“Our community is focused on helping assist recovery, and at the Community Foundation, our work right in this moment is dedicated to helping families and communities now and into the future,” said Donna Dostal, president and CEO of the Community Foundation for Western Iowa. “We are truly grateful to the Iowa West Foundation for this significant investment to the recovery of several communities, and value our continued partnership.”

Donations to the Southwest Iowa Emergency Relief Fund will be distributed to nonprofit organizations, city and county governmental organizations, and church groups working with the communities affected by the heartbreaking loss and destruction. 

Donate to the Relief Fund.

"All of us are asking how we can help our neighbors begin to rebuild their lives,” said Brenda Mainwaring, President and CEO of Iowa West Foundation. “The Foundation’s goal in partnering with the Community Foundation is to encourage everyone to give just a little more, knowing that their contribution will be doubled. We are committed to helping our communities through these immediate efforts, and in their long-term recovery as well.”

The Southwest Iowa Emergency Relief Fund will provide funding to organizations and services in Pottawattamie County that are filling basic human needs, rebuilding communities, and providing direct support to individuals and families. Organizations and groups that are on the frontline of relief efforts are encouraged to apply through the Community Foundation for Western Iowa’s grant website.

Additionally, SHARE Iowa – an initiative of the Community Foundation – is a resource to access information on how you can assist our communities through relief efforts, such as volunteer opportunities and in-kind donations. The SHARE Iowa team continues to work directly with Pottawattamie County Emergency Management and Pottawattamie County officials on approved volunteer opportunities and donation needs. The Relief Resource website will be updated regularly and can be accessed here

For those directly impacted by the April 26 tornadoes, it is vital that property owners report storm-related damage on the Pottawattamie County Emergency Management Agency website,, as local and state officials explore opportunities for federal funding.